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Rite RX Pharmacy has made it their mission to help stem the tide of America's out-of-control opioid epidemic. House Bill 451, "Non-opioid Alternatives", recently gained approval by Governor DeSantis, and has been in effect since the first of July, 2019. The bill stipulates that before prescription, dispensing, or order of opioids, patients need to be informed of nonopioid options, and properly educated to their clear benefit over opioid pain solutions.
Opioid deaths have quadrupled since 1999, and many pharmacies incidentally foster this issue, albeit with good intentions, through over-prescription of opioid pain medication to the injured or those in recovery. Ultimately, opioid addiction contributes to increased HIV and Hepatitis. Prescription opiates can be a fatal cure for injured workers, fostering dependency and diminishing recovery.
Even so, there are situations where opioids are a recommendable pain relief avenue. The key is balance: workers need to be educated, pharmacy benefit program controls must be instituted, evidence-based prescriptions are necessary, and thorough patient history (including mental health) must be brought to the table.

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Clinicians, especially pharmacists, need to be properly educated in this area. Screening based on evidence as outlined earlier must transpire before opioid medication is given to injured or suffering parties. It's also worth recognizing that addiction initiated through painkiller use is more akin to an illness than a moral failing--the modern world requires pain management solutions. Few to none are deliberately injured so severely they require opioids. Almost always, the injury or illness was not an intended consequence of patient action.

It's also considerable that opioids aren't necessarily first-line pain management options. Nonopioid treatments and medications exist, and have positive outcomes associated with them. There are even nonpharmacological solutions that have considerable positive outcomes. These include, from the mildest impact to the highest:


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Durable medical equipment. Back Brace, Knee Brace, Cold Therapy, TENS Units and much more. RIte Rx Pharmacy is AHCA accredited.

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Getting Prescriptions For Workman's Compensation Shouldn't Be Hard

When you're injured, it's hard enough to think straight; let alone make the right decisions. Especially when you're under intense, terrible pain, sometimes all you want is relief. Well, you can get it; but if you go the opioid route, it can be bad for you, bad for your future employment, and bad for your community in general. However, there are alternatives, and RiteRX Pharmacy provides them. These solutions can be quite effective, and do not result in long-term addiction to opioids. With that in mind, there are a few things you or a loved one should consider after an injury to help you sustain the best possible medical assistance. These include:
Consulting A Workman's Comp Lawyer
Sustaining Medicinal Options From The Right Pharmacy
Working With Providers Who Are Friendly And Effective
Seeking Solutions That Positively Effect Communities And Employers
01. Consulting A Workman's Comp Lawyer
Workman's compensation attorneys such as those available at Bio-Balance Health, a non-profit organization, provide education pertaining to legal rights and opportunities for recovery, surgery, and medicinal pain relief solutions. You can learn about effective biochemical treatment techniques for not only physical issues, but mental disorders, or those concerning behavior. In particular, "Walsh Protocols" are used to help manage mental health issues. You can learn how to get the care you need, what assistance exists for elderly and juvenile persons, what to do when tests are required, and other information such as that which pertains to family planning situations
02. Sustaining Medicinal Options From The Right Pharmacy
RiteRX Pharmacy works with pharmacy groups that include over 6,500 global branches providing quality health services to those who need them. Additionally, we can give you access to 1,000+ hospital-formed proactive medical strategies. Working with over 300 partners, plenty of famous global solutions are cooperatively brought to the table for best overall results.
03. Working With Providers Who Are Friendly And Effective
RiteRX Pharmacy provides professional, friendly care to customers impacted in workman's compensation situations and elsewhere. You'll find those providing solutions here are committed to excellent service, and employees are trained in the latest techniques with exceptional proficiency.
04. Seeking Solutions That Positively Effect Communities And Employers
Workman's compensation solutions which include non-opioid options build a more healthy solution for all. The most precious resource in our region is our people, and through scientifically-calibrated solutions pertaining to non-addictive pain therapies, as well as other medicines, we protect that resource.
05. Making The Best Choices In Complicated Situations Of Injury
There are times when the only options for pain relief involve opioid solutions; but modern science in medicine has found those cases are much more rare than the prescriptions going out for varying opioid medications. Education helps community leaders, injured parties, and medical groups make better choices here, and accordingly secures the community you are a part of, and which we serve. Through RiteRX Pharmacy, you'll find legal alternatives, consultation options, and more effective solutions designed with friendly, effective customer service in mind.

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Our process is simple. Using a topical alternative to prescribed opioids we are enabling those who suffer from pain to see another option that is free from addiction.
Consult with your physician about your pain management options
Follow all treatment guidelines as instructed.
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